The Practice of Botanical Drawing Printed Lessons


The Practice of Botanical Drawing Printed Lessons


Lessons 1-14 of The Practice of Botanical Drawing, printed and spiral-bound. SHIPPING late JANUARY 2017.

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  • Basic light source on a three-dimensional object
  • Smooth toning using a complete range of values from light to dark
  • Using grisalle technique and then layer color on top
  • Drawing overlaps
  • Rendering a three-dimensional round form
  • Spiral patterns in nature
  • Drawing leaves with net veining
  • The structure of flowers form and function
  • Flower shapes
  • Taking apart flowers, studying reproductive parts
  • Basic perspective of flowers and measuring accurately
  • Complex flowers with multiple petals and dramatic light source using a cup as a model
  • Studying plants outside in the garden
  • Identifying and drawing plants by families to gain understanding of plant patterns and similarities in plants in the same family using 9 plant families that comprise over 75,000 plant species.
  • Complex overlapping and embossing techniques
  • Adding a background
  • Creating a composition – understanding focal point
  • Color theory and color matching and mixing
  • Developing a botanical composition for a card or print
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